Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a half or full day booking?

We offer 2 types of bookings, full day and half day bookings. The full day bookings are for 8 hours, where the half day bookings are 4 hours.

We do ask that you please allow a 30min lunch break, for a full day booking.

Why should I trust a CleanUps’ housekeeper to clean my home?

We completely understand that finding someone trustworthy and reliable to clean your home on a regular basis is a daunting task, and can make one very anxious when trying to find someone for the first time.

We strive to make the pains of finding the right housekeeper, a thing of the past. Each housekeeper undergoes an extensive selection process, including background and identity checks, and document verification using the ThisIsMe platform.

Before making a decision on which housekeeper to choose, you can see all the feedback and comments of other CleanUps’ users on each housekeeper, ensuring you have all the information before making a booking.

Are housekeepers available on weekends or public holidays?

CleanUps housekeepers are available 365 days a year.

Do I need to provide lunch for the housekeeper?

No this is not necessary as the cleaners will pack their own small lunch. We do ask that you allow them a short break to eat their lunch if they are working a full day.

Do the housekeepers bring their own cleaning supplies?

No, the housekeepers are unable to bring their own cleaning supplies, as they use public transport. We therefore ask that you cater for the basic cleaning supplies, the CleanUps housekeeper will do the rest.

What do I do if my CleanUps’ housekeeper is running late?

We will let you know as soon as your housekeeper arrives, and leaves, ensuring you are always in the loop. If your housekeeper is not able to make it, we will contact you beforehand to arrange for a substitute or replacement were required.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us.

What cleaning services do CleanUps’ housekeepers offer?

CleanUps’ housekeepers are not just limited to cleaning and have a range of skills, from cooking to childcare, all of which are listed on their individual profiles. Although the name may be misleading, CleanUps’ housekeepers are also skilled in office cleaning, holiday or short term accommodation cleaning, and once-off short notice cleaning.

How does the rating system work?

Once a booking has been successfully completed, users are able to provide their feedback and rating on the housekeeper, from within the CleanUps platform. This gives you a clear view into the performance and satisfaction of all bookings and housekeepers, think of it as having 10s of referrals at your fingertips.

What payment methods are available?

We make use of PayFast’s easy payment solutions which allows almost every type of possible payment; including credit cards, debit cards, EFTs, and even BitCoins.

What are the data and phone requirements to use the service?

The CleanUps platform is built using HTML for the web, instead of for the mobile application stores, but this is our secret. We are able to support a lot more devices, including feature phones, instead of being limited to smartphones, this makes the performance requirement of your phone very low.

While developing our solution, we placed great emphasis on keeping the data requirements to use our service as low as possible. That means you won’t even notice the data usage of CleanUps on your monthly bill.

I can’t find my area?

We apologise, we haven’t been able to spread our love to all areas, yet. But, we are planning to expand to all areas within South Africa within the very near future.

Can I tip my cleaner?

Yes, but only through Cleanups. Cleanups housekeepers are not allowed to accept a tip directly from you. Send us an email with the amount you would like to tip and we will send you a link to process the payment through PayFast. This will increase the housekeepers rating on the website and the housekeeper will receive the tip in her account.

How does my housekeeper get to my address?

You will need to give us your address when you register your account with Cleanups. We will then send the cleaner the address when bookings are placed.

How does my housekeeper get into my place?

At the cleaning start time, please be there to open up for the cleaner, or alternatively make the keys available for the cleaner to collect.

Note that during the booking process, you can specify these particulars.

How do I change my profile information?

Click on your profile name on the top right hand side corner when logged in. This will allow you to change all your details.

How do I update my payment details?

You will have the option to change your payment method or payment details when redirected to PayFast's website after booking your housekeeper. Alternatively log into FastPay with your account and change your details after login.

I’m having people over. Can you help with the mess?

Yes we can adapt to any special needs. Send us an email at with your specific needs and we will take care of the rest.

Can I book more than one housekeeper for the same day?

Yes you can book as many cleaners as you wish for the same day on our website. Alternatively email us at with your needs and we will take care of the rest.